Y sí, creo.

And yes, I do believe.

a new chapter
be joyful!
Hokay. I have no idea how long I'll keep this up (I have a tendency to never get around to it), but I'm starting a new, secondary blog. (Go visit! Haha.♥) The goal--for now--is to keep an electronic (and sharable!) joybook.

Of course I'll still be writing here in my personal journal, private content which only good friends have access to. (That means you! ♥) But there are some awesome entries over at the new blog. So far, it includes:
  • great videos ♥
  • some art ♥
  • really easy, really delicious food! ♥
  • photos; mainly ones that aren't seen here or on facebook ♥

Particularly, today, I took a beautiful photo of the courtyard of my apartment complex--all blue shadows and snow--which I would like to share with you, so check it out for that if nothing else! Oh, plus, P.S. the background and header on the new blog (and so far, all the images shared) are my own art/drawings (or fragments thereof). Some of you have seen them before; others not so much. But if you're interested, it might be fun to glance at.

I've also had a few lj-friends requests from people I don't know.
If you're really interested in following my personal life, go check out the new blog first
and let me get to know you there for a little while. 

Without further ado, let me present...

Roses and Light


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